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G'day mates! Sorry for not writing sooner, I'm quite busy here and another reason is that I hate to write in German so I just decided to continue my blog in English.
My school holidays are over, but that's fine because I still love my school (except for Monday mornings). Kalle moved to another host family so I'm alone with Barry at the moment. Sometimes I'm missing him, but on the other hand we have a better friendship now because we don't see us every single moment.
Well anyway. At the same day Kalle moved, our furniture finally arrived and the house became comfortable. So here is a picture

This picture was taken at a halloween party with the exchange students. It was a nice evening but there is nothing special to tell. I just wanted to show you Jakob's costume:

As you see on the last picture my hair was growing too long so I had to cut it. Well I was used to a really good haircutter in Vienna (Hello if you should read this) but I had a really bad one here. So I bought my own clipper and did it my self. And as you know me I like cutting friends hair, so I did that as well.
To give you another detail about Rotary: they are fineing each other for everything that happens to them and this money go into any Rotary projects. So just another way of collecting money. The week after my haircut (7mm) everybody in the club who was bald (=60 %) was fined by Barry.
After the last Holidays year 12 (=last year) began. I don't know whose idea it was, but year 12 is wearing different school uniform to show 'hey I'm year 12 mate, I'm VIP!.'... well anyway I guess that was the reason. I like this one much better and everyone respects and fears me now.

From Tuesday the 11th to Saturday the 15th Barry took Tom, (New York State), and me up to Queensland, Goldcoast in the north of Sydney. We had a great time there. We stayed in an apartment next to the sea with beautiful view on the coast . We weren't too lucky with the weather, but at least we weren't sweating like hell when we fed kangaroos and colourful birds.

By the way, this one pooped on Tom. They don't like americans.

The next day we went to the mountains and to a waterfall. It reminded me strongly of the normal walking in the Alps back home but the trees and the animals around us were quite different. So there were lizards, leeches (Tom had four! but I didn't. As I said the animals here don't like americans), snakes, spiders, lots of flies and unicorns.... =P

Thank you so much for this week Barry!

On the weekend from 21st to 23rd of November there was a weekend for the exchange studends from Australia going away in January. Guess who I met. Exactly: Robert Guzowski. He is going to live at my place, annoy my family and my teachers. He is 17 and has just finished school. I don't have a better picture, but that's him (in the red marked area )

He knows my family already (but they don't know him) and if you are one of my really good friends in Vienna he knows you as well. Every exchange student has to do a presentation about his country, friends, school, family etc for his Rotary Club. I did that already a few months ago. I did my presentation a second time for the students to give them a taste what it could be like. Well anyway Charlotte (Norway) did it as well and Jakob said to me: "David after your presentation I felt bad about mine, but after Charlottes I felt terrible!" So if you read this, congratulations again it was really good Charlotte.

I'm going to move in two weeks to my 2nd official host family. Their daughter is going to Linz in January. So I'll have a host sister for about one month. :D

School. I LOVE photography. It is the best subject ever. No boring physics, chemistry or biology here. We are doing darkroom and Photoshop work. On Monday the 24th we went on an excursion to take pictures of the botanic gardens of Sydney, but unfortunately they aren't digital so I can't show them to you =(.
My old Maths teacher didn't like me and I hated her so I changed to another one. I'm doing much better now but actually we are doing nothing because it is the lowest level.

Culture stuff. On a Wednesday in October my district Counsellor Carol Morgan took Matheus, Nelson (both Brazil), Charlotte (Norway) and me to sculpture by the sea. What da hell 's that supposed to be? An art collection from international artists from all over the world, which is standing in Bondi Beach. The weather wasn't that good, but we still had a great day.

I don't understand the given statement of the artist, so I make my own one: "War is stupid."

And I guess that's it for moment. I won't leave it so long before I write the next instalment. Hope you enjoyed.
26.11.08 08:20


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Elsa (26.11.08 12:47)
War is stupid.
I love you

rita (27.11.08 19:04)
klingt echt fein was du so schreibst (:
man merkt dass dus dort echt saugeiL hast:D

meld dich mal (: bussie

ps: schicke neue uniform ;D

Nevi (30.11.08 11:59)
Wow, pardey!!!

immer bist du on, wenn ich nicht da bin -.-

viele bussis!

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